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Always yours, cattery daviway

                  Welcome to the page of our cattery!

Daviway - cattery of British Shorthair cats of precious colors: lilacgolden

bluegolden blackgolden chinchilla. Bicolors and DGG(dominant blue eyes)

Cattery Daviway, registered in the ICU and WCF system.

We welcome you to our virtual home. Where you can enjoy photos of our pets.

All cats are raised in great love and care, as evidenced by their excellent nature.

All our animals are unique and dearly loved by us. Our cats, cats and kittens live and are brought up in maximum comfort. Healthy, regularly vaccinated against viral diseases.

With great love and gratitude, I say thanks to every breeder whose hands have raised such wonderful pets for us.

The goal of our cattery is the desire to achieve perfection in every animal.

We hope that a walk on our site will bring you a lot of positive emotions!


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kittens 2021-2023 archive

Dear friends, we have news for you: we moved to live in Poland in 2023, so I want to please you, the price of shipping decreased, it's very nice, both for us and for you!

And our color plans are bigger, so we are waiting for beautiful kittens with unbelievable colors in this year 2023 and also we are waiting for your emails on our email TASIAMAKO@MAIL.RU
And we're also on Instagram
Facebook and on YouTube
There are links on our main page
Enjoy watching!

Before the kitten leaves for new owners, the kittens undergo deworming, then they are vaccinated. After vaccination, quarantine follows. After that, the kitten can leave his home and travel to a new family. The price for a kitten consists of: Prices for a kitten + vaccination, deworming + castration + pedigree.

In 2022

Dear friends, we deliver all over the world as usual. Deliveries are made weekly. The only trouble is that the price of delivery has doubled. Therefore we have decided to lower our prices of kittens by half to two times. Enjoy browsing and choosing, here you will always find the most beautiful and affectionate kittens.

 In 2021 we are expecting kittens and beautiful colors

In 2020, kittens were born. We will be glad to see you on our page. Go to the "Kittens" section and choose for yourself the most beautiful and most beloved.